AirCommerce: The airport retail business accelerator

AirCommerce is an airport retail business accelerator. We help companies & brands to improve their presence at the airport.

We make brands available in airport retail stores, we create airport brand activations and we facilitate passengers to touch & try products with optional home-delivery.

The airport offers unique commercial opportunities for each and every brand. Leveraging the positive mindset- & available time of the captive audience present at the airport, we create opportunities for consumers to physically come across brands. Valuable moments for otherwise time-scare consumers to experience products. Especially when knowing that 69% of luxury shoppers want to physically see and touch a luxury item before they buy it (Google Think Insights, 2013).

Please take a look at our below overview of services. We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and work globally.

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Why Airports

Millions of passengers

Captive Audience

Valuable Consumers

High Quality Retail

Physical Product Experiences



Our Services

AirportBrand Activation
Having passed ‘security’ while not yet being allowed to board their flight -normally busy- consumers finally have the time to physically experience brands & products. We work with brands to determine how to best engage with passengers during this special time-slot. (more)
Airport Retail
Airport Retail
Airports- & airlines are phenomenal channels for retailing luxury products. We make branded products & -services available within these channels. Carefully selecting the right retailers and trade partners for our clients. Offering the option to fully outsource the airport retail business.(more)
Airport E-commerce
Airport E-commerce
Our air-beacon technology makes it possible for passengers to have a physical product experience at the airport, with the option to digitally purchase the product or to receive further information upon arrival home. A new experience for passengers. Additional income for airports & airport retailers. (more)

Our Team’s Experience